Our commitment to our clients is based on the unique 3C combination that leads to become a successful fortune company.


Success = Comprehensive Quality + Competent Candidate + Complete Service.

Comprehensive Quality

Comprehensive Quality ? Team members are trained to deliver the quality in time.

Competent Candidate

Team members are selected to match the requirement ? within your budget ? so customers can stay competitive in respective industry.

Complete Service

Complete Service - From staffing services, to consulting, to project work, SatShri Solutions uses its expertise to help you determine what?s right for your Organization.

Shift Your Paradigm Software Solution & Services

We have a number of value customers those are satisfied with our services.

  • ISE Corporation, San Diego, USA.
  • SS Global LLC, New Jersey, USA.
  • DPCE LLC, New Jersey, USA.
  • Fortune-Tech Sanjose California, USA.
  • TEC(Toshiba Electronics Corporation) Singapore.
  • Fujitsu Ten, Torrance California, USA.
  • Yusata Infotech, New Jersey, USA.